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3rd Dalit Literature Festival
February 3 & 4, 2023
Aryabhatta College, Delhi University (South Campus), Delhi
A Better World is Possible With Literature


Jai Bhim!

The 3rd ‘Dalit Literature Festival’, is going to be organised by Ambedkarwadi Lekhak Sangh and Aryabhatta College, Delhi University (South Campus), Delhi on February 3-4, 2023. The theme of the festival for this year is – ‘A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE WITH LITERATURE.’

Why Dalit Literature Festival?    

The festival is designed on the basis of some of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s core thoughts with the help of Ambedkarite groups and positive revolutionary intellectual units. So, we request the other groups and units, who believe in the practice of Ambedkarite thought of social justice, to help us and participate in this festival with great enthusiasm.

We are witnessing a resurgence of cultural supremacist and hegemonic forces, and many more agencies based on the market, capital and brahminical ideology are engaging to capture the literature and culture by organising literature festivals in many other languages in various places in India. It is a well-known and established fact that literature, culture, and art can be used to sensitize social units. Literature, culture, and arts can make us more humane and more social also. However, corporate, global market capital houses, and brahminical institutes are trying to exploit literature, culture, and art to further their interests. These powerful forces have captured media, socio-cultural groups and many more revolutionary organizations and agencies. Before capturing these, they had believed that literature-culture-arts are not profitable. So, these subjects were relatively safe without much interference. But today we have a different reality, which is anti-human and anti-social. It is quite common now-a-days to see greedy and opportunistic writers and wicked cultural activists. With the help of such people, the corporate and brahminical powers have been organizing so many literature-cultural-festivals here and there in the country. In these festivals, they do not discuss the sociology of literature but set an agenda of their own.

Such a state of affairs place challenges before Ambedkarite thought process that envisages social justice and equality. So, it is our collective responsibility and moral duty to protect and secure our literature-culture-arts and values. So, we must unite and try to bring about positive change.

Third Year of Debut: 3-4 February 2023

First Dalit literature Festival (3-4 February 2019) and Second Dalit Literature Festival (16-17 February 2020) was an achievement and recognised by people around the globe. The subject of that festival was – ‘Sahitya Se Ek Nai Duniya Sambhav Hai.’ It gave us so much positive energy so now we are ready to organise the third Dalit Literature Festival 2023.

Pay Back to The Society

Dalit Literature Festival wants to protect our predecessors’ heritage and use this occasion to recapitulate their struggles. By respecting the struggles of our predecessors, we want to do payback to our society, and it is our social responsibility to do so. We are aware of the powerful massage given to us by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

So, we are trying to search for creative writings and collect them, and, at the same time, we would like to use this literary festival as a platform for such collective efforts. So, after instituting Ambedkarwadi Lekhak Sangh, we established the Dalit Literature Festival.

Support to Marginalized Global Writing

Dalit literature Festival believes that community and society are the central points of literature. Thus, literature must consist of reflections of human life and the real expression of marginalized society. But as we know that Indian literature was unable to connect Dalits, women, tribes, and many more marginalized communities. It was nothing but organized ignorance of ‘Brahminical Conspiracy’ as Dr Ambedkar had put it. This literature reflects only supremacist upper caste feelings, activities, and ambitions. The marginalized voices and emotions are expressed in Dalit literature alone, which is being written in all Indian languages. However, Dalit literature supports all marginalized literatures from around the world: Life Narratives, Buraku, aboriginal, black, Hispanic and Roma (Gipsy) and so on. Since, the Dalit Literature Festival too supports such efforts, we invite writings which reflect the struggles and revolutions of such global marginalized voices.


Jai Bhim... Hul Johar... Jai Savitri... Jai Phule... Zindabad!



Ambedkarwadi Lekhak Sangh & Aryabhatta College, Delhi University (South Campus), Delhi
Convener – Dr. Balraj Sinhmar; Co-Convener – Dr. Pramod Mehra, Dr. Seema Mathur
Vice-President ALeS – Sudesh Tanvar, Dr. Namdev, Dr. Hemlata, Dr. Ashok Kumar
Chief Secretary – Dr. Mukesh Mirotha; Additional Secretary – Mamchand Sagar, Dr. Anuj Kushwaha, Ashok Banjara; Cultural Secretary – Niyati Rathod
Dr. Suraj Badatya, Sanjeev Kumar Danda (Founder – Dalit Literature Festival)

How to Reach the Venue: Aryabhatta College is in South Campus of University of Delhi. The nearest metro stations are Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus Metro Station and Moti Bagh Metro Station on Ring Road at a walking distance of 1.5 to 2 kms. The nearest Bus Stop is Vasant Village / Shani Mandir on Rao Tula Marg at a walking distance of 500 meters.
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